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PeopleCheck – Your Accio Data integrated Australasia vendor

PeopleCheck is an Australian owned and operated business and since its inception has grown to be recognised as a leading provider of background checking services in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific (APAC). As a founding member of the APAC Chapter of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (“NAPBS”), PeopleCheck is actively involved in representing the NAPBS. Our Managing Director, Summa McCosker, has over 20 years of industry experience, is a member of the NAPBS Global Taskforce, part of the APAC Executive Committee, Chair of the APAC Education Committee and is passionate about the importance of background checking and providing customised client solutions.

Let us be your experts “Down Under”!

Making your checks in Australasia as easy as (an Aussie meat) pie?

PeopleCheck assists many background checking providers around the world to ensure they comply with their requirements in Australia, New Zealand and the wider APAC region. We focus on providing ongoing, “on the ground” support and industry knowledge within the region, to ensure your end user receives a truly high quality delivery and global service.  Our products are streamlined, flexible, fast and transparent. We offer the full suite of background checking products including police checks, ID checks, bankruptcy checks, court checks, qualification verifications and employment verifications.

As a data vendor already integrated with Accio Data, we can offer your organisation:

  • Direct access to an international data vendor through your existing platform – no additional integration is needed, it is all there!
  • The option to automatically assign components in Australia, New Zealand and other APAC countries to PeopleCheck for completion.
  • Seamless support with checks in the APAC region that will save you time, money and provide best practice solutions for your clients.

Save time!

  • Take the hassle out of liaising with international suppliers & partners in different time-zones.
  • Enjoy increased accuracy without laborious duplication of data into other systems or methods of outsourcing to vendors.
  • Real-time access to results through the Accio Data platform 24/7/365.

Save money!

  • Reduce labour and administration costs by assigning components to our team automatically.
  • Take advantage of the Accio Data Vendor discounted rates PeopleCheck can offer you.
  • Avoid the costs involved in integration with other vendor platforms.

Rely on the local experts!

  • PeopleCheck are recognised as industry experts in the APAC region – our management team alone has over 80 years of experience!
  • We provide support and best practice advice – let us help you navigate the compliance requirements in the region.
  • Our team will help you to ensure your Accio Data platform collects the information required for each international component in line with local legislation.
Accio Data Flow

How does it work?

  • Component assigned – Assigned to PeopleCheck as a Vendor from HTML page or Vendor Backlog page.
  • PeopleCheck notified – Platform automatically assigns check to PeopleCheck for completion.
  • Check undertaken – Our team runs the required check.
  • Results received – Check results are entered into Accio Data platform by PeopleCheck.
  • Results available – Real-time access to check results by your team via platform.

Assign components to your PeopleCheck Vendor – let us be your office “down under”

Contact our Business Solutions Team on +612 4023 0603 or for more information on how PeopleCheck can seamlessly support your business as your preferred integrated Accio Data vendor in Australia, New Zealand and the wider APAC region.

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