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Background Check Porkie of the Month – The Fake Director

PeopleCheck Porkie of the Month – March 2017
The Fake Director

PeopleCheck recently uncovered an extreme discrepancy for a candidate’s employment within the childcare industry.

The candidate provided details for their previous employment at pre-school as Director of the centre and nominated a former board member as the contact point, along with their mobile phone number.  The PeopleCheck Researcher contacted the centre to undertake an employment verification with the payroll department and were advised by the current Director that the candidate’s previous role was actually as casual worker, not a Director.  Further, the former board member nominated by the candidate as the contact point, was actually a colleague of the candidate’s and left the business before the candidate!

This case highlights the value add of PeopleCheck’s Employment Verification product; which involves the Research and Investigation Group contacting the Human Resource Department (or equivalent) via the main line rather than utilising the details provided by the candidate to confirm factual details of their employment period. Conducting background checks using phone numbers found during independent research by our Research and Investigations Group, rather than using the contact details provided by the candidate avoids the risk of contacting someone that may provide falsified details, such as a friend or a colleague.


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