Lying to cover up a criminal history

Background Check Porkies – The case of “sleeping on the job”!

A recent background check for one of PeopleCheck’s power generation clients identified an interesting discrepancy between what the candidate outlined was their reason for leaving their previous employer to what the organisation advised our team!

On his application form, the candidate advised that he left his previous employer as the “position wasn’t suitable”. However, the HR department of the organisation advised our Researcher that the candidate was actually terminated as he was caught sleeping on the job many times! They also confirmed the candidate would not be eligible for rehire for this same reason.

This case highlights how important HR Validation is as part of the background checking process. It involves confirming the factual details of a candidate’s employment such as dates of employment, position, salary and manager’s name, as well as confirming the candidate’s reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire, which proved so illuminating in this particular instance!

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