Customised ApproachPeopleCheck’s Customised Approach

Just as no two candidates are the same, we believe that no two organisations are the same in terms of their background checking requirements. We are passionate about working closely with our clients to establish background checking solutions and packages to best suit their individual requirements. Generally, this involves the assessment of:

  • Background checks that reflect the candidate’s skills and experience relative to the job description as well as the investment value of the candidate to the organisation
  • Job descriptions and an organisation’s internal risk management controls to determine the level of risk associated with the role so that the relevant checks can be applied
  • Any budget/cost restrictions that apply to an organisation’s background screening
  • Any compliance requirements

All staff at PeopleCheck have been very adaptable to our requirements as they arise. – Zurich Financial Services

The diagram below illustrates the combination of these four principles utilised by PeopleCheck in assisting our clients to determine appropriate background checking packages.

Checks Risks Cost

Sample Packages

Background checking packages formulated for PeopleCheck’s clients may consist of any combination of background checks (see Types of Background Checks) and can include standard packages as well as additional “optional” checks that can be selected from a menu as required on an ad-hoc basis.

Some of the checks most commonly included as part of standard packages are noted below, along with an indication of the types of roles these may be relevant for.

PeopleCheck Features Table

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