Source: The Daily Telegraph

A SYDNEY engineer who allegedly offered a $15,000 bribe to secure a lucrative council job yesterday admitted he falsified almost all his resumé.

Sisira Kumara Kumaragamage Don, also known as Don Gamage, is under investigation from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

This follows allegations by recruitment consultant Stephen Blackadder that Mr Gamage offered him cash to land the prestigious role as the director of technical services at Woollahra Council.

Mr Blackadder said Mr Gamage asked him to consider being “his agent” to land the job, which carries a salary package of up to $200,000.

The commission also heard allegations Mr Gamage “falsified’ key details of his resumé, including employment history and fake references.

Among the untruths listed on the 53-year-old’s resumé was a job as a civil engineering manager for the non-existent Global Management and Engineering Solutions.

He insisted the fabrications were done with “good intentions”.

The ICAC inquiry continues.

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