Lying to cover up a criminal history

Police Check Porkie – When Candidates Seek to Slip through the System!

A recent case undertaken by PeopleCheck involved a candidate who tried to slip through the cracks by providing false personal information.

When completing online forms for a Police Check to be undertaken, the candidate provided a false date of birth which was identified by one of our team through document and identification review process.

When the Police Check was run, an extensive criminal record was revealed.

Think candidates would not deliberately falsify their data? Think again. This case demonstrates just one way in which a candidate can attempt to hide their criminal record. PeopleCheck are observing more and more cases of candidates misrepresenting personal information through online portals – information that would slip through the cracks where candidate data is not thoroughly reviewed against ID and other pertinent information. PeopleCheck’s thorough reviewing processes ensure that attempts to falsify data are exposed so that our clients are presented with an accurate representation of a candidate’s background.

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