Lying to cover up a criminal history

PeopleCheck Porkies – The case of the employment fraudster!

During this quarter, background checking for one of our financial services clients included, amongst other checks, validation of two periods of employment listed on a candidate’s CV (with the candidate’s manager and the HR department).

When our team contacted the organisations via their main lines, they were advised there were no records of the candidate being employed. Clarification with the candidate revealed that the candidate was not actually an employee with either company, but undertaking “short term work experience”! Further, the mobile telephone number that had been provided for the candidate’s “supervisor” at one of the companies was in fact the number for a first year studies student that they assisted during the period!

This case highlights just how much candidates can exaggerate their experience…and their reluctance to explain the situation fully until questioned. It also shows us the importance of following a robust process for employment validation such as calling main telephone lines, avoiding mobile numbers that candidates have provided and seeking explanations for discrepancies identified.

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