Lying to cover up a criminal history

The employment verification double offender!

PeopleCheck’s Research & Investigation Group were to undertake Employment Verifications for a candidate employed in the Australian energy industry. This process involved contacting the Human Resources department (or equivalent) of the candidate’s former employer to verify factual information including position title, employment dates, reason for leaving etc. However, for two employment verifications, the client obtained more insight in to the candidate than what they bargained for!

For one employer, PeopleCheck received a response from the Deputy Manager of the company claiming that the candidate owed a significant amount of money to them and had become unresponsive to their requests to recover the funds.

A similar verification from a second employer revealed the candidate had left the company following accusations of potential theft.

It seems the candidate had consistent behaviour and one wonders whether their most recent employer would have benefited from their own screening program to avoid the lost monies?

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