PeopleCheck recently conducted a verification that returned multiple types of discrepancies in Employment, Education and Drug & Alcohol Screening.

PeopleCheck discovered a gap in the five year employment history for a candidate. Our team clarified the gap with the candidate, who advised that they were self-employed during this period. Despite probing for additional details from the candidate and undertaking our own research, PeopleCheck were unable to locate an Australian business number or a registered business name for the candidate. Further enquiries with the candidate indicated that the employment period in fact did not exist, and that he was not working during this period.

In regards to the candidate’s education history, it was stated that they had completed a tertiary qualification. Upon contact with the University, PeopleCheck were advised that records indicated an incomplete course due to the candidate failing to complete subject requirements.

If that wasn’t enough to deter any employer, the decision to hire was perhaps finalised with the ultimate trifecta of discrepancies. The candidate contacted PeopleCheck requesting that we cancel the appointment for a Drug & Alcohol screen. The screening was later rescheduled, where the screen returned a positive test result. Needless to say, the client subsequently withdrew their offer of employment to the candidate.

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