Lying to cover up a criminal history

Employment Verification Porkie – Embellished Resume!

PeopleCheck recently conducted a background check on a candidate who applied for employment in an administrative role.

When undertaking an employment verification with the candidate’s current employer, it was immediately evident that the candidate had provided PeopleCheck with false information. The company advised that the candidate had not, and never had been, employed by them; however, they currently employed a relative of the candidate.

After identifying this first discrepancy, our Research Specialist reverted to the candidate for clarification and were advised that the candidate is was actually employed with a completely different company that had some minor affiliations with the first company in a supplier capacity. PeopleCheck proceeded to contact the second company and soon discovered a second discrepancy. The candidate had listed their role as Receptionist; however, the company advised that the candidate was actually a Sales Representative.

This case emphasises the importance of verifying a candidate’s employment directly with the company as candidates are often tempted to embellish the details on their resume. In PeopleCheck’s experience, candidates will often use half-truths such as in this case to twist the facts to their advantage in order to land that desired role.

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