Lying to cover up a criminal history

Background Check Porkie: When all the checks sing the same tune

As part of a recent background check for one of PeopleCheck’s utility clients, the candidate’s police check returned a pending disclosable court outcome for trafficking cannabis, MDMA and Methylamphetamine from just months prior. Additionally, the candidate’s Victorian Driving History Check uncovered that the candidate had lost his licence due to driving with drugs in their system. It came as little surprise that the candidate opted not to attend the pre-employment medical assessment that our team had scheduled for him!

Background checking is about using facts to paint a picture of a candidate. As in this case, it is most effective when a variety of search types are utilised to uncover any relevant aspects of a candidate’s background. This is why customising packages based on the risks inherent in each role is so crucial. One adverse result may not always be enough information for effective decision-making in the hiring process. When multiple role-specific checks are run for a candidate, this maximises the chances of discovering any undesirable aspects of a candidate’s background and the searches pull the facts together to provide employers with powerful decision-making tools.

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