Lying to cover up a criminal history

Employment Verification Porkie – Every Employer’s Worst Nightmare!

PeopleCheck recently conducted an Employment Verification on a candidate in the software industry where Human Resources returned a list of “red flags”, enough to scare away any potential employer!

The first discrepancy was that the candidate advised their previous role as an Operations Manager, when their role was confirmed as an Administrations Officer.

HR further advised a number of reasons as to why the candidate would not be welcomed back in to their previous place of employment:

  • Performance issues;
  • Consistent daily errors;
  • Lack of teamwork skills; and
  • Overall poor work ethics.

With any Employment or Reference Check, the truth can unravel from just one valuable question “Would the candidate be eligible for rehire?”. The question is worth a thousand words for any employer looking to hire.  Conducting Employment Verifications are so valuable prior to hire, as they provide a factual insight in to a candidate’s past to assist with recruitment decisions.

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