PeopleCheck recently conducted an employment verification that would make any future employer take a second look.

Upon contacting our candidate’s former employer to verify standard details about their employment history with the company’s Human Resources department, we were informed that there was no record of the candidate having worked for the company. Curious…

Upon reverting to the candidate for further information, they advised that they had never actually worked in the office for the company itself, but rather were hired directly by their former manager and “worked from home”. Interestingly, our candidate had the same first name as the alleged Manager. Coincidence? Perhaps.

PeopleCheck reverted to the company for further clarification, regarding the candidate’s employment arrangement and the company reiterated that they had no such person on their records. Additionally, when we asked to speak to their former manager directly, we were advised that that person was no longer working with the company, as they were currently under investigation for defrauding the company of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yikes!

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