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PeopleCheck’s Identity Check is crucial in confirming the personal details & identity of your candidate

The ID Check involves the collection/verification of multiple identification documents for the candidate that include personal details such as their full name, address, date of birth and photograph.

What does an ID check involve?

Each candidate will provide a different set of identification documents.  Examples of commonly provided documents are birth certificates, passports, driver’s licences, Medicare cards and bank/credit cards.  Candidates are provided with detailed guidance as to what combinations of ID documents and additional details need to be provided and this documentation can be uploaded entirely online.  Our team are trained in verifying ID and also linking the candidate to the provided ID.

Does this check come free with a Police Check?

Yes it does. 

Just request a Police Check for your candidate and we will automatically include an ID Check at no extra charge.

Case study

PeopleCheck undertook a Police Check on a candidate who dragged out the background checking process by two months in order to delay the inevitable: the return of a lengthy criminal record!

PeopleCheck made numerous follow ups with the candidate to obtain copies of their identification after verification through the Document Verification Service (DVS) failed.

The candidate finally provided sufficient information to confirm their identity via the DVS, which revealed an adjustment in the spelling of their name.  On receipt of the result, a lengthy criminal record was revealed, which even included a prison term – a record that may not have been returned under the candidate’s name originally provided for the background check.

This case reveals the crucial part ID verification plays in a Police Check and the value of PeopleCheck’s persistence when following up on candidates who avoid providing the information needed to run the check.  Some candidates hope that we will just give up and this is a perfect reason as to why we do not!

ID Check

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