Layla Tilley – Customer Experience Manager

Layla Tiley

Layla Tilley

Customer Experience Manager

PeopleCheck Start Date: 2014

Layla is currently PeopleCheck and HireRight Australia’s Customer Experience Manager and is responsible for leading the Australian Customer Service Team as well as coordinating local marketing and external communications, in conjunction with HireRight’s wider APAC marketing team. Additionally, Layla has oversight and management of the day-to-day operating functions of our office and associated administration.

Layla commenced with PeopleCheck as a Research Analyst in 2014 whilst completing her studies in Graphic Design. Layla’s role in Operations was complemented by her understanding of the user/customer experience and the value of clear, concise messages. Following completion of her studies, Layla accepted the role of Design & Marketing Lead in July 2017. In this diverse role, Layla worked with our Sales & Compliance team to onboard new clients, creating and implementing processes, keeping updated with relevant compliance matters, and engaging with clients, candidates and suppliers.

Layla’s strong foundation in design and marketing concepts extends in a practical way to her communication skills. Layla’s genuine care for people and commitment to authenticity means she guides her team in providing timely, thorough, and clear communication for enquiries that come through to our Customer Service Team daily.

Layla is uniquely positioned to provide excellence of service to our clients and candidates, having a strong foundation in the technical side of background checking from her days in Operations. This means that she thoroughly understands the aspects that may be relevant to various stakeholders. Layla guides our Customer Service Team in answering queries from clients and candidates on matters such as: navigating our PRIVI system; completion of candidate online forms; basic technical matters including password resets and new users; updates on background checking cases; interpreting background check results; and general product and privacy queries.

Layla is committed to ensuring that her team develops a wide knowledge base and can either answer or trouble-shoot queries directly; or escalate them to the most appropriate internal team where specialist knowledge is required. This includes coordinating with our Account Management Team for escalated queries from clients that relate to their overall background checking account; escalations through to the Operations Team for detailed support regarding current cases and fulfillment queries; and liaising with Sales & Compliance for detailed product or compliance queries.

Layla gains personal satisfaction from identifying improvement areas and implementing systems that are process-driven and contribute to the success of the organisation. Customer Service holds an important place in the overall core values of PeopleCheck and HireRight Australia and Layla’s growing team is carefully selected, highly trained, and exceptionally developed in order to support the provision of our quality product.

Layla’s role overseeing PeopleCheck’s marketing and communication is underpinned by her Customer Service focus, as she has a firsthand understanding of what candidates and clients are looking for in the background checking experience. Layla uses her exceptional design skills to convey concepts including process, product, and compliance/industry mattersHer coordination of various communication channels and thought leadership in online marketing and lead generation ensures PeopleCheck and HireRight Australia is found by those where the value we offer is a good fit.

Prior to PeopleCheck, Layla was Practice Manager for a specialist Endodontic Clinic in London, United Kingdom, where she coordinated operations and developed her extraordinary people skills and a sense of empathy in dealing with individuals when they are at their most vulnerable. Her role included implementing processes to minimise patient wait times and acting as liaison and primary point of contact between patients and specialists. This sparked Layla’s interest in customer care and the satisfaction achieved from anticipating needs and going the extra mile. Layla’s intuitive ways focus on user experience and ability to read situations are key to ensuring PeopleCheck and 
 Australia’s background checking is as much about the people we support as the service we offer.

“Summa and the team have been an absolute delight to work with.” – Fairfax Digital