Employment Medical Assessment

Employment Medical Assessments

Medical Assessments for work placement are becoming more common, particularly in roles that require significant physical aptitude and fitness. As a result, employers are increasingly seeking a “one stop shop” for all their employment screening requirements.

PeopleCheck has a long-established partnership with a national medical provider in order to incorporate medical assessments as part of our background checking.  Our Medical Assessment services blend seamlessly into our existing product offerings, so that our clients have options readily available.

Why Conduct Medical Assessments?

Medical Assessments are a way to ensure an employee can physically fulfil the requirements of a particular role and employers can manage any potential risks to employees within the workplace.

Furthermore, Medical Assessments are a mandatory requirement in many industries, where employers must meet legal requirements and adhere to national standards.

Overall, conducting Medical Assessments on employees for specific roles helps to ensure:

  • long-term health protection for employees, especially for those who, as part of their role or work environment, are exposed to potentially harmful substances and hazardous working conditions;
  • compliance with any legislation or WorkSafe requirements governing the role;
  • employees are fit to work in the capacity specified and without restriction;
  • employees do not have pre-existing health problems or injuries that are not being properly managed making them unsuitable for the role;
  • authorisation to work overseas and protection from potentially harmful work environments; and
  • a safe workplace for all employees through drug and alcohol screening.

These factors are crucial in creating a safe workplace with optimal efficiency and productivity.

The Medical Assessment Process

Clients can include Medical Assessments within their customised background checking packages or select them individually as an “optional add-on” on a case-by-case basis.

PeopleCheck’s medical partner manages the bookings and contacts the candidates via telephone to ensure that their assessment is arranged at the closest medical clinic at their preferred date and time, with appointments generally available within a 48-hour period. Simultaneously, any other background checks are undertaken by PeopleCheck.

PeopleCheck’s Medical Assessment partner has over 300 clinics available throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as 400 Associate clinics to cover regional areas for wider coverage. Turnaround times for reports are fast, with all assessments conducted to WorkSafe requirements.  All medical assessments are undertaken by an Occupational Health Nurse, or by a Doctor if they are completed through an Associate clinic.

Background Check and Medical Assessment Results

Once the assessment is complete, the medical data is forwarded on to a Doctor for final review. The Doctor then provides the overall recommendation of the candidate’s suitability in a report to PeopleCheck.

This streamlined process means our clients receive results for all checks in one combined background checking report.  Ultimately, the candidate’s overall employment screening process is quicker and more efficient, from start to finish.

Standard Medical Assessments

The following list are some of the most commonly requested Medical Assessments:

  • Employment Medical Examination
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Audiogram
  • Spirometry Assessment
  • Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment

Specialist Medical Assessments

Our clients can include Specialist Medical Assessments as an ‘optional add-on’ to standard medical assessments for a fully-customised solution that takes into consideration the candidate’s position and level of risk in the workplace.  In addition, some industries/roles have legal requirements and regulations to meet, such as the National Standards for Commercial and Heavy Vehicle Driving, National Standards for Rail Safety Workers, QLD Coal Board Medical and NSW Coal Order 43, just to name a few. As a result, specialist medicals have been developed to suit the role-specific compliance requirements e.g. within the mining, oil and gas, rail, marine and aviation industries.

Additional medical components and industry-specific medicals are available including:

  • Working at Heights Assessment
  • ECG
  • Lead Blood Testing
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Medical (OGUK)
  • Rail Safety Worker Medicals (categories 1, 2 and 3)
  • Warehouse Medical

If you need detailed descriptions of each Medical Assessment above or if you have specific requirements that we have not listed – please email us at validate@peoplecheck.com.au and we will send you further details.


The information contained in this post is the opinion of PeopleCheck Pty Ltd and does not form the basis of legal advice.

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