Our Simple Process

The process for undertaking a background check with PeopleCheck can be as simple as:

Step 1

Our client makes a request via PRIVI, our online portal, by selecting the appropriate customised package and providing basic candidate contact details (name, position title, email and telephone).

Turnaround Times

Turnaround Times

PeopleCheck’s turnaround times for Australian background checks average between 1 to 8 working days, depending on the type of check. Our methodology varies for each group of check, for example:

  • Public record checks: Results can be returned in real-time or be obtained within 24-48 hours by accessing records held by trusted information brokers or through the source direct. Others can involve manual processes, such as driving history checks, which are coordinated with the relevant state driving authority;
  • Verifications: Involves submitting requests to third parties such as employers and institutes to verify employment and education details. Sometimes delays can be outside of PeopleCheck’s control – e.g. required method of request (can include verbal, email, online portal and some organisations even request a fax!);  internal company processes to retrieve the required data, school closure for holidays, institutes that requires additional information and a specific consent/form from the candidate (resulting in our team reverting to the candidate, which contributes to the overall turnaround time); and
  • Medical Assessments: PeopleCheck utilises a specialist partner for these assessments. Turnaround times vary depending on the candidate’s availability to attend the appointment, candidate location and any ‘non negative’ results received in drug screens.

Turnaround times for international checks vary depending on the region, information access and specific in-country processes, and generally take longer than checks in Australia.

All turnaround times commence on completion of PeopleCheck’s “Candidate Information Review” process. This process is undertaken by our team to thoroughly review the  information and documentation provided by the candidate for completeness and against any client-specific requirements. Candidates may be contacted for any missing details or documentation where required.

Our clients are kept informed on the status of checks through real-time updates and results via our online portal, PRIVI.

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