Leah Egginton – Business Solutions Group Manager


Leah Egginton

Senior Manager Corporate Services Group

PeopleCheck Start Date: April 2009 (9 years)

Leah has been involved in the background checking industry since 2001 and brings extensive product knowledge to PeopleCheck where she oversees our Corporate Services Group and specifically our Business Solutions Team. PeopleCheck’s Business Solutions Team assists our new clients by handling new enquiries and opportunities relating to PeopleCheck’s services. The team also manages PeopleCheck’s external communications with existing clients and within the industry to ensure PeopleCheck (and in turn its clients) stay abreast of legislative or other relevant developments/trends and adapt our background checking services accordingly.

Using her extensive background checking industry experience as a foundation, Leah provides information and recommendations for clients throughout an engagement as to how to address their background checking requirements, best practice, legislative and compliance regulations and operational considerations. In the initial stages and once they have a sound understanding of a client’s requirements, Leah and her team works closely with PeopleCheck’s other teams to ensure these are reflected in the service we will provide. The implementation phase sees Leah and her team providing guidance and training for the client and continuing to address ongoing needs.

Throughout her career, Leah has been involved in the provision of background checking services to clients across many industries, both in Australia and abroad. Leah’s involvement has varied from undertaking background checking to training staff; from researching background checking developments to implementing new client engagements; from managing a team of background checking professionals to assisting clients with developing customised methodologies.

Leah commenced her career as part of the Pre-Employment Screening team at PricewaterhouseCoopers. As part of her role, Leah developed a thorough understanding of the “nuts and bolts” of background checking.

Leah’s career saw her build on this by specialising in the provision and management of background checking in the Asia-Pacific region, including involvement in various client engagements with an international flavour.

In her role as Manager of International Operations for an Australian-based fraud risk management firm, Leah managed a large team of background checking professionals, where she was focussed on meeting individual client needs through smooth implementation and operational efficiencies.

Leah’s experience in the background checking industry and extensive product knowledge supports PeopleCheck’s commitment to being the premier provider of background checking in Australia. By remaining abreast of industry developments, updated as to legislative and product changes and responsive to client demands, Leah is a key player in ensuring that PeopleCheck continues to provide an exceptional background checking service.

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