Summa McCosker – Managing Director


Summa McCosker

Managing Director

PeopleCheck Start Date: October 2006 (11 years, 7 months)

Summa is a qualified Criminologist who has been in the background checking industry since 1998 when the industry was in its infancy in Australia and Asia. In these early days, Summa was instrumental in developing the principles of international screening in the Asia-pacific region as demands developed from the USA and UK.

Summa is PeopleCheck’s Managing Director and is responsible for the overall operations, day-to- day and strategic decisions, including overseeing all client relationships and processes. Summa reports to PeopleCheck’s board on a regular basis and prides herself on being an active Managing Director. Although PeopleCheck has grown significantly since 2006, Summa believes in “getting her hands dirty” to ensure she is in touch with her clients, candidates and PeopleCheck’s day-to- day processes. When starting PeopleCheck in 2006, Summa’s goal was to establish a unique background checking provider with three core philosophies:

  • Customer service
  • Industry knowledge
  • Flexibility

These key goals continue to underpin PeopleCheck’s service delivery to this day.

Summa’s passion lies in educating the market and clients about background checking solutions with an emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region. Her product knowledge and experience in the background checking industry is well recognised in her speaking engagements at various fraud prevention conferences, industry webinars and in publications. Summa continually assists her clients and peers across all aspects of the process including: initiating and implementing a background checking program; guidance on privacy and security; understanding reported results; and client communication strategies with candidates and stakeholders.

Summa is a founding member of the APAC Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) Chapter, Chair of the APAC PBSA Executive Committee, as well as Chair of the APAC International Education Committee. Summa is also a member of a small Taskforce made up of PBSA members from across the globe, tasked to transform the Association from a US-based organisation to the face of background checking globally.

During her career, Summa has initiated and overseen ongoing background checking programs for clients in Australia, Asia, the Americas and Europe. Prior to establishing PeopleCheck, Summa worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers for six years as Manager in the Forensics Division. She worked on fraud investigations and it is here that she began to specialise in background checking, working on global assignments.

In 2004, Summa joined RISQ Group as Operations Manager and was key in expanding its Employment Screening division as an independent and stand-alone business from the rest of its fraud-risk management operations.

In these roles, Summa trained and managed background checking teams in Australia and Europe, as well as refined and developed processes to address individual client demands and requirements. One of her most complex challenges early in her career was the implementation and ongoing management of an international background checking program for a large global financial services client. The project was run from Sydney and involved undertaking background checks in over 40 countries, managed out of two offices in Sydney and Belfast.

Summa has worked with clients across a myriad of varied industry sectors including (but not limited to); financial services, utilities, information technology, construction, retail, recruitment, international background checking firms, professional services, mortgage industry, mining, banking and insurance.

“Summa and the team have been an absolute delight to work with.” – Fairfax Digital