Lying to cover up a criminal history

Candidate’s fake degree attempt

A client in the mining industry had a candidate claim that they completed a Technology degree from an institute in India. Their claims were supported with a copy of their degree certificate and mark sheet which appeared to be issued by the institute.

Upon providing the candidate’s self attested degree certificate and mark sheet, PeopleCheck’s Research & Investigations Group were advised by the University that the documents that had been provided by the candidate were fake.

The candidate’s response to the claims were that the University in India digitised academic records some years earlier. The candidate further advised that in order to have their records entered into the new database all students were to be present along with their academic records. As the candidate was in Australia at that time, they explained they could not be present.

Further enquiries with the University indicated that the candidate’s account regarding the digitisation of records was not correct. The University further advised that the certificate and mark sheet provided by the candidate was not authentic and not consistent with other certificates issued at that time.

This case highlights the importance of verifying candidates qualifications direct with the awarding institute and also emphasises the important of clarifying claims made by candidates.

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