Lying to cover up a criminal history

Employment Verification Porkie – The Fake CEO

PeopleCheck recently exposed a major discrepancy where a candidate faked their position title when applying for an executive position with our client.

The candidate provided details of their most recent employer, claiming that they were the CEO of the company. However, when PeopleCheck’s Research & Investigation Group undertook enquiries with the company, the verification obtained off the actual CEO of the company, advised that the candidate was in fact a Program Manager.

This case demonstrates the value of PeopleCheck’s Employment Verification product, which exposes when the candidate may not be telling the whole truth about their employment history by contacting the companies directly for factual information. The case also highlights the risk in just taking a potential candidate at their word, as candidates can often “adjust” the truth in order to stand out from the crowd in order to secure their dream role.

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