Lying to cover up a criminal history

From Incarceration to Interview!

PeopleCheck recently undertook a Police Check for a corporate services client that was recruiting for a role involving public exposure and representation. The results of this check revealed a disclosable court outcome where the candidate had been incarcerated in the last few years for counts of Aggravated Sexual Intercourse with a Minor and Aggravated Indecent Assault of Victim under Authority of Offender.

PeopleCheck’s clients are often surprised by Police Check results that return details of criminal convictions and history that candidates have in terms of a tendency towards violent behaviour when this is certainly not something that had come across during the recruitment process!

This case study highlights the importance of undertaking a Police Check is in order to reveal aspects of a candidate’s history that an interview, other recruitment tools and in some cases, other background checks (see the CheckMate News section!) will generally not uncover. There are then considerations when making a decision based on details of previous convictions, in line with guidance from the Australian Human Rights Commission; however, by undertaking this check an employer is able to consider all aspects of a candidate’s background in making hiring decisions.

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