Lying to cover up a criminal history

ID Check Porkie – The dog ate my ID!

PeopleCheck recently undertook a Police Check on a candidate who dragged out the background checking process in order to delay the inevitable: the return of a lengthy criminal record!

PeopleCheck made numerous follow ups with the candidate to obtain copies of their identification after verification through the Document Verification Service (DVS) failed.  However, the candidate claimed that they had lost their identification documents and were waiting for new copies to arrive.

The candidate managed to delay the entire process by two months before they finally provided sufficient information to confirm their identity via the DVS. When the candidate’s Police Check finally came back, it was revealed that the candidate had a lengthy criminal record, which included a prison term.

This case reveals the value of PeopleCheck’s persistence when following up on candidates who avoid providing the information needed to run the check – some candidates hope that we will just give up and this is a perfect reason as to why we do not!

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