Lying to cover up a criminal history

Police Check Porkies – The case of the relevant criminal record!

A recent background check for a PeopleCheck client involved a Police Check. The results revealed several charges relating to obtaining financial gain through deception. This conviction was directly relevant to the finance position that the candidate held with our client, whilst still within their probationary period.

On two occasions, our client requested that we revert to the candidate to clarify the situation around this conviction so that they could gain a clearer picture of what had occurred and the relevance to the candidate’s role with their organisation.

This case illustrates the value-add that PeopleCheck can bring to a background checking program through our proven process of clarifying discrepancies such as criminal records directly with the candidate. This gives our clients the “big picture” required to make hiring decisions, saves them time and ensures a consistent, objective approach is employed for all candidates.

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