Lying to cover up a criminal history

Police Check Porkies – The “run but can’t hide” candidate!

We recently had a candidate advise us their background check was no longer required, claiming this was because their contract with the client expired at 5.15pm that afternoon.

At PeopleCheck, it is our usual process to receive instructions only from our client to cease a background check, so we found the candidate’s quick and personal attempt to withdraw from the process unusual! It was no surprise when, on the client’s instruction, we continued with the Police Check and it identified a recent disclosable court outcome!

This case reveals the extremes candidates go to, even to withdrawing their employment application because they know there is background checking involved and they have something to hide. This case also highlights how an employee’s situations can change, including aspects such as new criminal convictions or bankruptcy proceedings. Background checking is not a once-off tool! Regular background checks are an effective way to maintain ongoing employee suitability within the workplace, not just for conducting checks on applicants during the recruitment process.

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