Lying to cover up a criminal history

Police Check Porkie – Tax Consultant’s attempt at hiding history

PeopleCheck recently came across a background check result where a candidate attempted to hide their past.

The team conducted a police check on a candidate applying for a role within the financial services industry.  In completing the relevant background check information, the candidate listed only one name.  A thorough review of the candidate’s identification by our team, undertaken for all police checks revealed an additional name.  Upon receiving the result of the police check, a match was returned under the alternate name found by our team. This emphasises the crucial role an ID check plays in all background checks.

For this particular case, only a police check was needed to unravel the layers to the “real” individual.  However, it did leave us wondering what other “hidden discrepancies” could have been discovered if a variety of background checks were undertaken.

Much like the ABA’s Banking Background Check Conduct Protocol, PeopleCheck also recommend obtaining all candidate details as well as selecting additional checks to compliment a police check, such as Employment History or a Reference Check. These checks assist in digging a little deeper about a candidate’s background, character and work ethics, that is imperative to any role.

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