PAW Post: PeopleCheck FAQ – Can you do a background check on my daughter’s new partner?

Question: Can you do a background check on my daughter’s new partner? I have a bad feeling that he may be a bit dodgy…

PeopleCheck: Regulations in Australia are such that in order to undertake any background screening  without consent, a company requires a Private Agent Inquiry Licence and this is not something that PeopleCheck facilitates. In order for PeopleCheck to undertake any background checks, we require the full, written consent from the individual in line with Australian privacy legislation – put simply, without the individual’s express permission, we cannot undertake background checks.

Should you be in a position to obtain full, written consent from the candidate to undertake background checks (including specific forms as required for certain checks such as criminal history checks), please let us know and PeopleCheck can certainly assist you.

PeopleCheck provides background checking and validation services and is engaged by its clients to validate the skills, qualifications, experience and background of potential employees. This enables our clients to assess an individual’s suitability for employment or appointment, whether for new employment, role changes within an organisation or for compliance reasons.

PeopleCheck therefore only request, collect, use, disclose and store information needed in order for us to carry out our services to this end. We are under an obligation to keep a candidate’s information confidential and not to use it for any other purpose other than background screening and validation. If our candidates ever have any queries or concerns over the use of their personal information, they can contact our Privacy Team at who can provide further assistance.

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