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Employment Medical Assessments and Drug & Alcohol Screening

As mandatory medical assessments for work placement become more common, particularly in roles that require significant physical aptitude and fitness, PeopleCheck are finding it increasingly common for employers to seek a single solution for all their employment screening requirements. This involves an inbuilt solution for medical screening, on top of existing background screening needs, which are often challenging to coordinate. PeopleCheck can facilitate a streamlined employment medical screening solution via a leading provider of occupational healthcare with offices reaching all across Australia.

Medical assessments are important in the workplace for a number of reasons and mandatory in a number of industries.  Specifically, medical assessments assist to ensure:

  • compliance with any legislation or WorkSafe requirements governing the role;
  • employees are fit to work in the capacity specified without restriction;
  • employees have no pre-existing health problems or injuries that make them unsuitable for the role or are not being properly managed; and
  • a safe workplace for all employees through drug and alcohol screening.

These factors are highly important in creating a safe workplace with optimal efficiency and productivity.

PeopleCheck’s Process

Medical Assessments, along with Drug and Alcohol Screening can form a part of PeopleCheck’s standard background checking packages. As a part of the facilitation process, PeopleCheck liaise with candidates, coordinate all bookings and scheduling and include results as a part of the background check report.  Simulteneously, all other background checks are undertaken.  This streamlined process means: candidates are provided with one central contact for all aspects of their employment screening; and our clients receive results for all checks in one report.  Ultimately, the employment screening process is quicker and more efficient, from start to finish.

PeopleCheck’s medical assessment partner has a national presence with clinics available throughout Australia, including regional areas for wider coverage. Turnaround times for reports are fast, with all assessments conducted to WorkSafe requirements.  All medical assessments are conducted by healthcare professionals, specialising in occupational health.

Employment Medical Assessments

Standard employment medical assessments typically contain the following components:

  • Occupational History
  • Medical History
  • Height
  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Eye Sight (short, long and colour vision)
  • Urinalysis (for blood, protein and glucose
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Abdominal examination
  • Musculo-skeletal examination
  • Eyes, ears and throat
  • Neurological examination.

These elements comprise of the standard employment assessment; however, other components may be added as needed to better suit the role of the prospective employee as detailed below.

Medical Assessment Add-ons

Height Workers

This add-on is suitable to candidates being employed into roles that require them to work on rail lines, installing/climbing electrical poles, or working in other positions that require climbing and working at height. It involves examination of any pre-existing health conditions that might impact on working at height, including heart-conditions and epilepsy, as well as general strength and fitness. Successful candidates are presented with a ‘Fit-to-Climb’ certificate signed off by the supervising medical professional.


Audiometry checks involve a hearing test that is compliant with WorkCover WA audio standards. This is suitable for candidates to be placed into workplaces where Noise Induced Hearing Loss is a risk factor and needs to be monitored for any changes to employee hearing thresholds.


Spirometry testing involves a lung function test to measure ventilatory function in candidates. It is suitable for candidates being assessed for suitability in roles where they will be frequently exposed to dust or particulates, such as mining. It also assists in monitoring asthma control and general respitory function for optimal health within the workplace.

Work Fitness Assessments

Workplace fitness assessments are useful for determining whether the candidate has the necessary physical capabilities for performing a specific role or task safely. The exact tests involve vary depending on the role requirements, but they can involve a step test, material handling (of varying weights) and range of movement tests. This is suitable for assessing whether a candidate is physically able to perform the required tasks of the job in positions that may be more physically demanding.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

Drug and Alcohol screening is a requirement in many industries as a standard prior to and during employment, but it is also beneficial for those who wish to ensure that their workplace is as safe and efficient as it can be. These screenings are generally conducted as follows:

  • Instant Urine drug testing – involving a six panel urine drug test which tests for illicit substances; and
  • Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) – involving confirmation of non-negative instant drug test results in a certified laboratory.

Both of these tests are fully compliant with Australian Standards.

More Information

For more information on the ways in which PeopleCheck can assist you with Employment Medical Assessments or Drug & Alcohol Screening in order to reduce the risks to your business, please contact us via telephone on +612 4023 0603 or  email at

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