Lying to cover up a criminal history

Reference Check Porkies – The big “call out” on fake references!


During a recent employment validation, PeopleCheck’s Research team reverted to a candidate after realising he had intentionally provided incorrect details regarding their former manager in the hopes of avoiding the truths about his employment with this organisation.

After obtaining the correct referee details, our Research team made contact with one previous manager who advised that the candidate resigned just short of heading off on annual leave. As well as not serving the required notice period, the candidate was immediately escorted from the building as it was discovered he had breached several codes of conduct, including closing off on work early and not completing assessments, despite being paid for working over-time during that period.

PeopleCheck takes pride in undertaking thorough reference checks to ensure an organisation is hiring a suitable employee and would encourage any organisation undertaking references internally to do the same! This should include verifying that manager/referee details provided are correct and taking note of aspects such as mobile numbers being provided rather than landline. This could be a ploy to provide a fake referee that reveals “positive” yet false information about a candidate in order to support their application for employment.

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