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VirtualRefCheck is PeopleCheck’s automated reference checking solution that provides fast and seamless references via our online system, PRIVI.

Why should I use VirtualRefCheck?

VirtualRefCheck is an effective recruitment tool that streamlines the reference checking process by offering:

  • A cost-effective solution.
  • Simple, online processes for candidates to nominate referees.
  • An easy, user-friendly experience enabling referees to provide their reference completely online.
  • Real-time, automatic provision of results as soon as referee comments are available.
  • 24/7/365 updates on the status of reference checks.

When should I use VirtualRefCheck?

  • For high-volume reference checking needs.
  • Where hiring deadlines require fast results.
  • Where budget is tight.

Easy Process

  • Log Request.
  • Candidate sent introduction and secure link via email.
  • Candidate submits referee information via online form.
  • Referees are automatically sent secure link via email to provide comments online.
  • Real-time updates 24/7/365.
  • Client notified when reference check results are available in detailed online report.

One of PeopleCheck’s core values is flexibility; we develop customised background checking solutions for each of our clients, based on specific requirements.

Depending on your requirements and intended use of reference check results, one of our other three Reference Check options may be even more suitable in meeting your needs.  If you’re unsure which reference check option to choose, we’re happy to assist you to determine which solutions best suits you.

Related Checks

Depending on the intended use of the Reference Check results, they can be most effective when coupled with Employment Verifications. Depending on the candidate’s role, other background checks may be suitable and all PeopleCheck VirtualRefCheck clients have the option to request additional checks such as Police Checks, ID Checks, Bankruptcy Checks etc.

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